Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Miss Spellings - Excerpts from the Dating Chronicles

Miss Spellings

One of my girlfriends, whom I have actually referenced before in my blogs, recently went out a couple of times with a fellow that she met on Match.com. They conversed via email a few times before they dated. After their third date, a night at his house watching a movie on his big screen TV, he didn’t kiss her goodnight. He gave her a hug.

They were emailing after this date, and he said, in his email, that she should use spell-check on her emails, as there were several spellings errors. He also added that she typed like a maniac. When she told me this, she laughed, saying she should send him back a derogatory email, with all misspelled, but easily identifiable insults. Granted, the woman does misspell a few words, and sometimes her words are jammed together in her messages. She’s my friend though, and as friends do, I overlook these things because I like the woman. She’s my pal.

He broke it off with her fairly soon after all this, via email. I tell my students this story as a cautionary tale. Misspellings, can, evidently, thwart your love life.