Friday, March 18, 2011

Better Left a Memory

Facebook. Ah Facebook. The new communication conglomerate. Does anyone even email anymore? I facebook often, it certainly has it advantages: it creates conversations, it helps you keep in touch, it's fun, creative, can be used for social events. Let's face it: if you don't use facebook, you're "out of it."

One of the many benefits of facebook is that users can connect with long ag0 school chums. Remember your best friend in Ms. Hampton's second grade class? Remember the boy you had a crush on in fourth grade? They are there, waiting to be befriended in facebook world.

Once in awhile, I will search facebook for long lost friends and acquaintances. I think of the co-worker I had at Border's ten years ago, or a friend who moved away in the sixth grade. About six weeks ago, I found a elementary school classmate from about 38 years ago. He, along with just another guy, were sort of childhood boy heroes of mine. I recall them being, not the studs, but the "big boys on campus." I suppose I always thought that they were both really cute and had girlish crushes on both of them. I even struck up a chat with him one evening. Innocent, really, just to say hello.

I soon discovered, through questions, that this particular guy is now a heating and cooling contractor. And, apparently, really like us all I suppose, he has some difficulty getting along with his daughter. And, worst of all, sin above sins, he is a terrible speller. I mentioned an elementary school best friend, Karen, and he called her "a pane in the ass." And, mentioned that in the fifth grade, they were an "idum."

Really, I think now, that is better sometimes just to retain memories of people and your memories as they were. I think I'd rather just recall Brent hitting a home run in the daily pick-up game of baseball on the big playground, than finding out that he now argues with his daughter, installs furnaces, and was "an idum" with Karen in the fifth grade.

Friday, January 08, 2010

New Site!

A new, no not just a website, but .... ... drum roll paleeeeze... social networking site... has been launched by myself and Webtekee. You can review the site by clicking on the link above. Primarily, the site is for students associated with Macomb Community College, Indus Center for Academic Excellence, and Lawless Language Arts. In general, also, enrolled members should be at mature, respectful, fun, creative, supportive, and... very original.

The network allows you to build a profile, add friends, post writing, blogs, videos, updates, pics, and any other creative work you'd like. Your friends can give you constructive feedback, and you can better stay in touch with your school buds. Free learning resources, teacher feedback, and related information will also be available for registered members.

All-in-all, the site is meant to be positive, not too too perky, but nice and healthy; informative and collaborative. We wanna see you shine !

Friday, August 14, 2009

Women & Football

I have a small, abiding sense of loss occurring lately. The summer winds down, and fall is next.

Fall, in this relationship, means a good deal of football. What is it about football? Baseball, basketball, I can relate to, but football - not so much. This pensiveness leads me to wonder why I have a slight aversion to football. Perhaps because it it uber-masculine. Although, in the Detroit area there is a women's football team (one of my students was on the team), I think women are clearly left on the sidelines with this sport. The players are big, burly, and look like they could easily wring your neck. The play is rough and crushing.

Another reason I feel outside the game on this one is that the sport itself seems a little slow. Baseball, yes, can be a bit slow, but it is suspenseful, I think. There is a certain anticipation in watching the pitcher get ready to throw, and in watching the hit on the pitch. With football, it's just a matter of watching guys lumber around and get back into position. Boring. And, those time-outs! Ugh.

Another reason is that football seems overly-complicated. I am not completely ignorant about the sport, but the rules seem very elaborate. Maybe it's because I am not a big fan. Maybe the Lions have made me that way. Even though we all crave a great team, the Lions are the Lions. Perennially at the bottom of the pile.

During the winter, spring, and summer, we have the Tigers and the Red Wings to enjoy. The Pistons are fun too. But in the fall, the Lions return once again to distract my man, and disappoint us all. Maybe if the Lions could, somehow, turn it around, I could be back on the couch, next to the Admin and a beer, enjoying a good game of football.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I've been using a fun site lately for sports social networking. You can be interested in any sport from fishing to Nascar, meet other sports lovers, make comments, add a blog, post discussions, that sort of thing. Also, if you are a fantasy football lover, this site is ideal. It was created and designed in the Detroit area by some local e-entrepreneurs. If you are a sports fan, and like to talk sports, join up. We'd love to see you there!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Becoming a Dinosaur

The other day as I walked across campus a startling thought occurred to me: what if the analysis of literature soon becomes archaic? I was contemplating the challenge of bookstores lately, thinking of the heavy promotion of Borders books in the movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic and Borders’s current struggle to survive. So, if books are no longer a viable product, how will the analysis of literature be viable or relevant? Well, of course, there are many reasons why the analysis of literature is relevant. It helps students develop critical thinking, and also exposes them to the canon of literature, works that form our culture. Eventually, though, studying literature might only include the study of ancient literature. It does indeed seem very likely.

Where then, I wonder, will that leave me, an English major and an English instructor? I guess we will be like Latin teachers that still teach a dead language that has limited relevance to the real word and limited connection to other studies? Do students learn Latin to help their English skills? Possibly. What will be the worth of studying literature? It already seems like I have to convince students of the value of reading and studying literature. In many ways, also, studying literature is like studying art; readers analyze how and why a writer constructed a story. Perhaps that’s how the study of literature will be used. Either way, I think literature becomes more obsolete by the minute.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

For the Sake of Blogging

Taking a moment to do a bit of writing. I haven’t been doing as much lately. Why? I do not know. Possibly it’s because I have been spending less time on MySpace. It’s funny about writing and me. It’s a love –hate relationship. I think that I am fairly good at it, and once I start it, I enjoy it, but it’s just the getting to it that’s difficult. Sometimes I have to wonder if anyone really enjoys writing. It just seems like something that is important, that you should do. Like exercise. Like eating broccoli. I wonder if people like Stephen King, or Ernest Hemingway (an unlikely coupling) really enjoyed writing. Hmmm….. And, I used to write so much more often! I suppose my earlier output had much to do with the fact that I was in graduate school and doing so much more reading of literature and poetry.

Sometimes I think that I should try photography or increase my jewelry-making skills; work in some other artistic medium. Yes, perhaps.

So, there you go. I have written.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Fever has Finally Taken

Just a note because I am so pumped about the new Presidency!!! Who doesn't like this man? Who doesn't want to see this country confident, stabilized, and reinvented?! I think this could mean so much to this nation, and the world. We don't have to be the cowboy hero anymore; the world doesn't need that. We need cooperation, compromise, and connection.

A most hopeful day. From here, it seems, you can see a better forever.