Monday, June 04, 2007

Back in the Hive

Aye Carumba! My first day of office work in two years. I had nearly forgotten what it’s
like, and then, because I need to make the green stuff, I am back in the cells of the worker bees. I am working at a certain very big bank headquarters in Troy. As I drove up toward the building this morning, my first thought, was gosh, “how on earth did I miss this thing?” as I approached the huge steel and glass colossus. I parked my small car in the lot, fairly easily, and joined the clip of women’s high heel shoes in the small trickle of women marching into the many layers of ominous concrete and all-seeing glass. It seemed like people kinda had that work hump, ya’ know, that kind bent head gait that people get as head toward work? I looked at the building that I will likely be spending most of the summer in every day and I felt, yes, like a worker bee resignedly returning to my cell in the hive.

For the past two years, I have taught college, and have enjoyed a rather unconventional work schedule, and a college environment. I can have classes in the am, or evenings, and, beyond that, my schedule is mine to set. I do not have to work from 8 or 9 to 5pm, although I do have prep to do constantly. I get to work with people, and use creativity and humor, intellectualism, discussion, and build relationships with students. Many of my classrooms have been stark and drag, but my work is on a campus with flyers for writing, gay pride, and animae clubs. I am often approached by those trying to ensure that I am registered to vote, and if I know about the Libertarian Party. I spend a sizable chunk of every day in the library, grading papers, or reviewing current literature or literary criticism.

Glancing at the marble floors in this palatial building, I was thinking about how, when I was young, I was so readily impressed with this sort of place. It seemed so glamorous. Now it all seems so vacuous to me. I don’t mean to knock anyone ‘s livelihood or career, but I know now, that this 9 to 5, sit-at-your –desk-all-day-and-enter -numbers life is definitely not for me. No matter how lavish the surroundings. Is it for anyone? Apparently so. What keeps me going is, yes, the greenbacks, and the promise of teaching again in the fall. Until then, I suppose I will try to remember that I do work in a nice place, and it’s just for now.