Friday, October 12, 2007

Al Gore Awarded the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize!

Al Gore awarded the Nobel Peace Prize! Amazing! Stupendous! Much Deserved!
The man most definitely deserves this tremendous recognition. Who, in our world society, has more contributed to the shift in consciousness, and real world change backed with facts and examples than this man?!!

We will assuredly hear more cries that he enter the Democratic race for the presidency, and his supposed loss to George W. Bush will be all the more lamentable. Clearly, this does not shine any light on the performance of our current Pres, in fact, it makes it looks like we are all denied a truly visionary, brilliant, world-conscious, moral, man as a leader, and duped into a second term of serfdom and national loss as result of Bush’s highly questionable sphere of misguided monetary power and influence.

A well-deserved, incredible, amazing honor for a hero! A beautiful event to witness.