Friday, January 08, 2010

New Site!

A new, no not just a website, but .... ... drum roll paleeeeze... social networking site... has been launched by myself and Webtekee. You can review the site by clicking on the link above. Primarily, the site is for students associated with Macomb Community College, Indus Center for Academic Excellence, and Lawless Language Arts. In general, also, enrolled members should be at mature, respectful, fun, creative, supportive, and... very original.

The network allows you to build a profile, add friends, post writing, blogs, videos, updates, pics, and any other creative work you'd like. Your friends can give you constructive feedback, and you can better stay in touch with your school buds. Free learning resources, teacher feedback, and related information will also be available for registered members.

All-in-all, the site is meant to be positive, not too too perky, but nice and healthy; informative and collaborative. We wanna see you shine !