Sunday, July 29, 2007

Is There a Haberdasher in the House?!

Last Monday morning as I strode into the hive, I was walking a couple of yards behind this young fellow who I happened to notice was wearing a pretty slick suit. He was tall guy, clean cut, and I was sorta surveying the suit as I walked behind him into the halls of the hive. As I watched him walk in, wondering what job he had such that he was dressing so sharp, I noticed that his back right pant leg was stuck inside his black shoe. Otherwise, he was looking good - Monday morning into the office. But, that bit of cuff in the pant leg – arrrggh!

Then, as I buzzed myself in with the hive card, I was walking behind a woman, and because I was still in that "oh, God its Monday morning and I'm dressed and walking, but not really awake yet" mode, I was also staring at her get-up. She looked fine, but the collar of her white dress shirt was turned out. My very slight obsessive-compulsive impulses must be magnified by the Monday malaise, because I really wanted to straighten her collar for her!

You are probably wondering, "Who promoted you to officer on the fashion police squad, or, did you look over your looks before you left home, lady? " Well, who the heck knows, maybe my pants were unzipped or something. But, that day, and I swear, as I left the elevator, I was walking behind another woman, whose shirt, on the left lower side of her back, was untucked, puckering out of her pants above her belt. We all need personal attendants, don't we? Especially for Monday morning in the hive.