Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sounds Seem Insufficient

These are the sounds of my day
I try to recreate in letters
the sounds waves curling into
shapes of each character

the character of the sound
attempted to be mimicked

walking across the snow
keeek keeek

the wind blows across the sloping hill
catching dried leaves and whisps of snow

my lips and tongue perform gymnastics
trying out the different combinations
the sound of sh and chu together
a k and kckkk in quick succession
my tongue rolls together and clicks at the roof
of my mouth to make
the sounds of these everyday things
dry leaves
red boots on new snow
cool wind
brown paper bags crunching in your grasp

the sounds are translatable
but what of visions
so lovely
they want more
expression than apprehension
from the eyes
and the beauty of their looks

twinkling golden tiny white lights
that frame your simple porch and iron work
make my heart hurt
glimmering in a snowy cold night
tiny lights burst to be released from the
silence of my rib cage

what sound do they make?
silent appreciation and a wordless gaze
are not sufficient
a soft gentle sweet hmmmm
held as long as the memory