Saturday, July 14, 2007

Excerpts from the Dating Chronicles

Rapping with my gfriend the other day and, as we often do, we were talking about dating and men. She's in the midst of a troubling "friends with benefits" relationship with a guy that takes her up north to his cabin for a week, and then cancels dinner dates the next week. So, she is "keeping her eye out" for other prospects, or trying to. She is also a big workout person, and runs too. She was recently in 5k in Northville, and ran into this runner guy, who, I think, goes to her church in Livonia. A good, marathon running, god-fearing man. After the race, he was talking to her, and asked her for her email address, and asked her if she would like to get together sometime. She gave him her email address, and he did contact her.

They were rapping back and forth later the next week, and he asked her to get together for ice cream on a Tuesday night – the same night that they had been talking online. Later that afternoon, however, she got an email from his address with the message, " I like the yellow dress on you better, and you definitely should wear the bikini in the next picture." My pal and this guy had not been talking about their preferred attires at that point. She was surprised, as you would expect, and wrote the guy back, asking what was up?! He just responded that he had sent that message to the wrong woman, and he apologized, saying that he was really sorry and embarrassed. I don't think that they got ice cream that night. Perfect! Just what the woman needs.

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