Sunday, August 12, 2007 - Excerpts from the Dating Chronicles

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By gorlox5 at 2007-08-12

Just this morning my gfriend called me to tell me about a big falling out that she had had with a close member of her group of friends. Both women have been scoping out the guys on My friend S____ has recently noted on her profile that she soon she will be leaving, and thus, it is everybody’s last chance to get in on some dating action with her. This strategy, though, seems to work because she has had a deluge of fellows sending their email addresses and phone numbers. Kinda like a going out of business sale, eh? Hmmm… maybe I should keep this approach in mind if ever needed.

Anyway, due to this deluge of interest, she was contacted by this guy named D____ whom she later met for coffee. Before the coffee, she informed several of the girl squad that she would be there with the new prospect, and they, indeed, showed up to check out the new guy. Her friend M____ was one of the girl squad stationed in the café, sizing up the new person.

Well, my friend S____ kinda likes this guy, and they have been talking and are planning on going out again. I think they even kissed goodbye on one of their recent casual meet-ups. She likes him, and is interested in getting to know him more. Her friend M____ knows all of this.

This weekend on Saturday, the new guy prospect mentioned to my friend that M___ had contacted him online, and in her email to him, she said that he seemed like a nice guy, and seemed eager to strike up a conversation with him. The new guy is also an elementary or middle school principal, and M____ is a teacher, looking for a job. Her email, however, seemed just flirty, and eager to talk to him more. So, understandably, my pal S___ was quite upset that her friend had contacted this guy, having been in the coffee shop when S_____ and D_____ met, and knowing that’s S______ was interested in the guy.

Not a very smooth move, eh? My friend, understandably, feels a bit betrayed, and embarrassed that her friend is trying to make some time with this guy, and also, trying to use him to land a job. Not very prudent moves on either front. I have more than one friend on (I am, fortunately, not in this ring), so they have to carefully stake out their territories and be careful not to date the same guys. They have even met up on occasion to be sure that they were treading on each other’s supposed turf. However, this latest transgression on M____’s part was not an accident.

Quite the mess, eh? ding ding! The match continues.