Friday, March 18, 2011

Better Left a Memory

Facebook. Ah Facebook. The new communication conglomerate. Does anyone even email anymore? I facebook often, it certainly has it advantages: it creates conversations, it helps you keep in touch, it's fun, creative, can be used for social events. Let's face it: if you don't use facebook, you're "out of it."

One of the many benefits of facebook is that users can connect with long ag0 school chums. Remember your best friend in Ms. Hampton's second grade class? Remember the boy you had a crush on in fourth grade? They are there, waiting to be befriended in facebook world.

Once in awhile, I will search facebook for long lost friends and acquaintances. I think of the co-worker I had at Border's ten years ago, or a friend who moved away in the sixth grade. About six weeks ago, I found a elementary school classmate from about 38 years ago. He, along with just another guy, were sort of childhood boy heroes of mine. I recall them being, not the studs, but the "big boys on campus." I suppose I always thought that they were both really cute and had girlish crushes on both of them. I even struck up a chat with him one evening. Innocent, really, just to say hello.

I soon discovered, through questions, that this particular guy is now a heating and cooling contractor. And, apparently, really like us all I suppose, he has some difficulty getting along with his daughter. And, worst of all, sin above sins, he is a terrible speller. I mentioned an elementary school best friend, Karen, and he called her "a pane in the ass." And, mentioned that in the fifth grade, they were an "idum."

Really, I think now, that is better sometimes just to retain memories of people and your memories as they were. I think I'd rather just recall Brent hitting a home run in the daily pick-up game of baseball on the big playground, than finding out that he now argues with his daughter, installs furnaces, and was "an idum" with Karen in the fifth grade.